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Uzizwe is a technology based company which focuses on distribution and the junction between application of computers and the lives of real people.
but what does it mean?


Uzizwe means “For someone to feel” in Zulu.

We are product people. As product people we have repeatedly learnt the limitations of the current monetary system. A product can only be as good as its own budget. We are determined on circumnavigating the current system. The product comes first.

We are part of the developing world and it is expected that we catch up with the developed world. Yet we often find the status quo of the developed world jarring. The world is changing and we would like to use the opportunity of technology to set our own bearings.

We are all about lean. I mproving energy efficiency in every aspect of what we do.

All our financials will be publicly available on our website by a third party accounting firm. Transparency is necessary for efficiency. Salaries will be proportionately matched to profits.

We love skill. We love to learn. We love craftsmanship. We love to connect. We would love to share that with our consumers. If not they can support us by purchasing our higher cost items directly manufactured by us to the best standards we can attain.

open source you say?

so what does that mean?

We are open source in everything we do but we would like to be more. We would like to honour those who help us.

We are all about lean. Improving energy efficiency in every aspect of what we do.

We have all seen the rise of many wonderful innovations over the internet yet it is rare to see them actively having an impact in the developing world. Distribution channels and real developing world practicality is often neglected. We are based in Johannesburg and this is a distribution advantage because we know how to operate in Africa. We will be able to push our products through the continent at no cost to those who need it them most.

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